Student Shopping Card

Student Shopping Card

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Students of Uppingham School & Parents of Students. The amazing “Student Shopping Card” is here. Now keep control of your spending and know that your money is always safe.

From the start of this term Uppingham Fine Foods has launched its Student Shopping Card that allows parents to put money on a card for there child that they can spend in store and even if they lose the card the money is safe.

We have been working with Uppingham School to make sure the students get the very best service and to make sure all the House Masters & Mistresses, many of whom are already our customers, happy to help the students understand how the card and the service works. We have also ensured the information is on the notice board in each of the school houses for the students and parents to refer to at anytime. 

We will even deliver to Uppingham School Houses so that the students don’t have to travel out during these difficult times. 

10 reasons you should you get a card?

1. Put as little or as much on the card as you want. When the card runs out we just send you a link and you can top it up again from anywhere in the world.

2. Money is stored in the cloud and not on the card so it’s always safe. No one can spend on the card except the registered student and they must have ID to use it that matches when the card was set up.

3. See what you son/daughter is buying anytime by emailing and requesting copies of what they have purchased.

4. Monies not used when the student leaves the school is returned or can be donated to local Uppingham Good Causes.

5. We stock over 2000 quality food product for your child to choose from including, Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Dairy Free, as well as Fresh Healthy Foods and Ingredients, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Fresh Dips and Salads and Locally Baked Breads.

6. We have been importing, manufacturing the best quality food, snacks and drinks for over 20 years and have been selling our products to some of the top chefs and restaurants in the UK before opening our first shop in Uppingham earlier this year so we know how to give the best products and the best service.

7. We have products from all over the world including Hong Kong and China. South East Asia, The Middle East, Africa, Europe and the America’s.

8. We have a free food finding service for students that are missing their own food from home. We will do our best to find what they want from one of our dozens of suppliers and bring it to Uppingham so that they will feel happier and learn and study better.

9. You can feel confident that your child is eating healthy and buying from the store that the teachers and staff buy from when they want quality food.

10. We offer a 100% guarantee with everything we sell and do, so if you are not 100% happy with our service we will immediately refund any unspent money to you, giving you total piece of mind.

Damon & Ellie Le Geyt- Directors, Uppingham Fine Foods Ltd

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