La Mere Poulard Caramel Butter Biscuits 125g

La Mere Poulard Caramel Butter Biscuits 125g

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Enjoy a taste of French culinary history with La Mere Poulard Caramel Butter Biscuits, which are made without preservatives or artificial colours with butter from hormone free cows and free range eggs. Caramel Butter Biscuits are buttery and enriched with caramel.

In 1888, Annette Poulard opened her Mont Saint-Michel inn to cater for pilgrims and food-lovers. They flocked to her doorstep to discover cooking that became famous around the world. Known for some 700 recipes created throughout her life, she earned the prestigious French title ‘Mère’ in recognition of her culinary talents. This was how ‘la Mère Poulard’ came into being. These biscuits follow her traditional recipe.

Made in France.

Ingredients :

Wheat flour, butter, sugar and salted butter caramel.

May contain traces of soya, sesame seeds and nuts.


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