Boursin Black Pepper Soft French Cheese 150g

Boursin Black Pepper Soft French Cheese 150g

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If you are already a Boursin® convert or if you're looking to bring a little zing onto your plate, then try Boursin® Black Pepper: A deliciously soft, creamy, crumbly and spreadable cheese, blended with cracked black peppercorns.

The original Boursin® cheese was created in Normandy over 50 years ago. Over fifty years after the invention of this creamy and crumbly cheese, Boursin® continues to occupy a central position during social occasions and friendly gatherings. Boursin® Black Pepper has the same creamy cheese base as the original recipe, but the Black Pepper brings a different sensation to your taste buds.

Boursin® is indulgent and moreish, making it irresistible for those little treat moments or simply paired with a glass of wine. But if you're looking to impress, Boursin® Black Pepper is sure to add a little flair to any occasion. This versatile cheese is ideal to complete a sophisticated cheeseboard, or to add flavour to summer picnics or BBQs. It's peppery taste is guaranteed to bring a decadent kick to your burgers! Due to its unique flavour and texture, Boursin® can enrich multiple recipes and elevate dishes in minutes.

Be as bold as Boursin®!

Versatile: Perfect for snacking, spreading on a cracker, cooking, or enhancing your cheeseboard
Delicious, fresh and creamy soft cheese with cracked black peppercorns, Authentic French cheese: made in Normandy using traditional methods, Made with pasteurised cow's milk and cream, Wrapped in foil to keep it fresh, Suitable for pregnant women and vegetarians
Ingredients : Pasteurised Milk and Cream, Lactic Ferments, Cracked Black Pepper (1.5%), Salt, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate

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