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After discussions with Uppingham School and many of the House Masters/Mistresses we are happy to be able to offer free delivery to Uppingham Student Houses (min spend £10) in a responsible social distancing way.

You can place your order online and we will deliver it to you in a sealed paper bag with your name and school house on it after 5.30pm on the day the order is placed. Note cut off times apply, see ordering instructions below.

you can pay by card online by our extra secure Student Shopping Card (further details below). We also offer card or cash payments on delivery (as long as the House Master/Mistress approves).

Uppingham School Students Ordering Instructions

If you would like to have delivery to your school house please read this section carefully so you get free delivery and understand the rules put in place by the school to protect everyone.

Once you have chosen what you wish to buy you will need to fill in the checkout page.

Firstly if not already selected, click the “Delivery” option

You will then need to put your School House Name in box that says “House Name” on the checkout page. This ensures we know which School House to deliver too.

Complete the other details and then select the “save this information for next time” and you won’t have to enter the details every time you order.

Next click “Continue to shipping”

On the shipping page select “Uppingham School House Delivery”

Next click “Continue to payment”

Check your email & school house details are correct.

You then have 3 options to pay.

Credit or Debit Card

To pay by Credit or Debit Card, fill in the details and don’t forget to complete the billing address as it will be different to your School House Delivery address. Review your order and then click “Pay Now”

Note: If the payment is successful then we will deliver the goods to your School House after 5.30pm the same day, as long as you have ordered before 4pm. Orders after 4pm will be delivered the next day.

Student Shopping Card

If you have a Student Shopping Card then choose the “Student Shopping Card Payment” option. Review your order and then click complete order.

Note: As long as you have credit on your card then we will deliver the goods to your School House after 5.30pm the same day, as long as you have ordered before 4pm. Orders after 4pm will be delivered the next day.

Payment on Delivery.

 If you choose this option you can pay by cash (you must try to have the correct money as change may not be available) or by a credit or debit card when the delivery is made. Choose the “Uppingham Student Payment On Delivery” option, review your order and click “Complete Order”

Note: if you click this option you are committed to buy the goods and paying for them on delivery, We will deliver the goods to your School House after 5.30pm the same day, as long as you have ordered before 4pm. Orders after 4pm will be delivered the next day. 

Please use this service responsibly as we trust you to be honest. When you place the order we note and track your IP address and your location. If you do not pay for the goods on delivery or you falsely use the website, we reserve the right to report the incident to the school to investigate.


When we deliver your order to the school house, we will hand the order to yourself, a matron or to the house master/mistress. We cannot hand the order to another student or just leave it unattended. If we try to deliver and there is no one available to take your order, we will try and call you (please ensure we have your telephone number when you place your order). If we cannot get hold we will try and redeliver after we have completed all other deliveries. 
If you were expecting an order but did not receive it please call us on 01572 842526


We also offer a student shopping card that parents can put money on for you to spend online or in store. Because the money is stored in the cloud, even if the card is lost, the money is safe. You can top up as little as £10 and we can send a link by email to the pupil or parents that allows you to top up online to start the card or to add funds when it runs out.

Because the money is kept in the cloud, even if you lose the card your money is safe and we just reissue you with a new card.

if you haven’t used any monies on the card by the time you leave the school we will either refund the balance to you or donate it to local Uppingham good causes  

For more information email us at student@uppinghamfinefood.co.uk or call 01572 842526 or message us on Facebook or Instagram - Uppingham Student Food Service.


You can order and pay for a  card here.